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Dieting Hurdles – Sipping to Slimness

Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. My personal experience with diets has been a roller coaster ride for the most part.  I have tried various diets which worked for the most part but yes you probably guessed it, I got really bored. The weight … Continue reading

  • You’ve heard all the hype, the gimmicks, the mystical ancient tricks that are supposed to be your shortcuts to lasting weight loss success.  If only it were that easy, right? The one thing we do know is that healthy, lasting weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it is something you can have if you follow the right plan. However you decide to begin your weight loss journey, take a moment to read the tips below and keep them in mind along the way.  DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS Did you know that 74% of adults are dehydrated? This can slow metabolism 3–5%, and keep the pounds on. Another reason to drink plenty of fluids is that 37% of people can confuse thirst as hunger. So drink plenty of fluids and you’ll have healthy energy and help your body flush out toxins, feel fuller, and help your metabolism too. EAT PROTEIN Protein is a key way to help keep blood sugars level, and keep you from getting hungry. But not all protein is created equal. For example, the Tri-Sorb protein in ViSalus products  were specially designed to help you retain and build lean muscle, and burn fat. Other brands use gelatin, milk powder, or other proteins that may be great for skin or hair or nails, but won’t help you burn fat or boost muscle like ViSalus. EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Did you know that 83% of adults don’t eat enough fruit every day, and 72% don’t get enough vegetables? These are critical to losing weight as they fill you up, provide healthy antioxidants and fiber, and are low in calories. You can eat more and weigh less by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. AVOID THE COLOR BEIGE Did you know that beige foods tend to be high in carbohydrates and calories, but low in nutrition? Bread, rice, and pasta may taste great, but they can add up to more calories, and more fat. One cup of refried beans can be 500 calories! You could eat almost 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, and still not reach 500 calories. So avoid beige, add color to your plate and you’ll lose weight. GET SOME SLEEP! Too little sleep, and your body won’t function and you’ll gain and retain weight. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but 68% of us don’t get 8 hours of sleep per night, and almost the same percent is overweight. Sleep, and you’re body will de-stress, de-tox, and retain less cortisol to make you gain weight. PORTION SIZES COUNT The average plate of food is 2–3 times larger in size and calories than just 30 years ago. Did you know that a serving size of protein is the same size as your computer mouse? Two cups of mixed greens should be about the size of two baseballs. A serving of fruit the size of a tennis ball. A serving of butter or cheese the size of a dice. Little tricks can help you keep portions under control, and help you lose weight. EXERCISE!!! The best way to boost metabolism, boost mood, and boost weight loss is to exercise. Simple tricks like go for a 10 minute walk, 3 times a day can help you lose weight, build muscle, and look better. And Remember… It’s the inches - not the pounds. Many people look to lose pounds, but that can be misleading. Did you know that 1 lb. of fat is the size of a large grapefruit?.... 1 lb. of lean muscle the size of a small tangerine? By boosting exercise you’ll lose inches, but may not lose pounds. But this is good, as muscle burns more calories and can help keep you healthier. So don’t focus on the scale, focus on how your clothes fit. That’s the true test of weight loss.

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