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All About Your Ideal Weight, Nutrition and Health

The Primary structure of a Protein is a chain ...
The Primary structure of a Protein is a chain of Amino acids. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Protein makes up the body’s cells and they are the major part of enzymes, hormones and substances that fight infection.

Foods that are high in protein are foods of animal origin.  They are fish, meat and eggs.  Beans and legumes have a significant amount of protein.

Each protein contains varying sequence of structures called amino acids.  There are twenty amino acids and eleven are non-essential, which means your body can make those ones.  The remaining nine are essential, which means you have to get them through your diet because your body cannot make them.  For an average adult you should consume approximately 55g of protein ach day.  Teenagers should consume 0.085g of protein for every 1kg of body weight.

Next to water, protein is the next richest substance within the body.

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