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Healthy Weight Gain and or Loss, Visalus Challenge

Morning News

Hi everyone, in addition to my post last night I wanted to add a couple of links for you so you can quickly watch and get more informed on what I was talking about and referring to.  The first link here is a youtube video of Visalus being featured on the morning news and giving you useful information on various examples and and ways to accomplish goals. The second link here is a clip that Dr. Oz presents and talks about weight loss and gives you great tips and pointers. This video is exactly what we have been demonstrating and talking about all along as well.  Dr. Oz quotes To Know Your 5: The Lifesaving Numbers You Need to Know: Weight, Waist Size, Blood Pressure, Cholestorol and Fasting Blood Sugar. Our Challenge gears and helps you accomplish all of these catergories.  Also check out the Weight Loss Action Steps that he puts in place in this clip.

We are having information/sampling gatherings on a weekly basis so please send me a quick email at as to when you could attend and you could pick up your free samples and information kit. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!



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