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Dieting Hurdles – Sipping to Slimness


Nutrition (Photo credit: The Noun Project)

Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. My personal experience with diets has been a roller coaster ride for the most part.  I have tried various diets which worked for the most part but yes you probably guessed it, I got really bored. The weight went back on far quicker than it came off. I have learned that most diets will help you lose weight but the trick is being able to stick to it.

I have done some extensive research on various diet plans and here are some quotes that caught my attention from Cathy Nonas, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and director of Obesity and Diabetes Program at North General Hospital in New York City.  Nonas says diet shakes are particularly useful for jump-starting weight loss. Diet shakes help you keep tight control on calories. “They are particularly useful for women who have very little leeway in calorie intake and who can’t lose weight when they exceed their calorie quota even by a little,” Nonas says. Let’s say you’re losing a safe amount of weight with two diet shakes, two snacks, and a modest dinner every day. How long can you stay on this eating plan? Nonas says that many people use the beverages for the bulk of their meals for about three months, then maintain their weight loss for years by substituting a meal replacement shake for one meal on most days.

Now with that being said I have now lost most of my excess weight and I am not bored, I feel great, and when I get home at night I eat what I want.  I found a way of giving my body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and I have been able to lose weight at the same time.  I have seen so many great results with a lot of family and friends and are very happy to have discovered this great nutritional way of attaining your goals.  I have posted various before and after photos of my family on this very website and will add various more to come.

I started using and then marketing a program that incorporates weight loss for those that need it, weight gain for those that want it and many other beneficial products for skin health and major organ health.

Of course any sensible attempt at weight loss has to have an element of sacrifice, we have to eat a sensible amount of food while at the same time supplying our bodies with all of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs but the goals that we set for ourselves must be attainable otherwise we doom ourselves to failure.

Being overweight is now being linked with many health problems and it is well documented that obesity is the fastest growing epidemic in the world!

If  people are ever to be able to lose weight and keep the weight off they must look for a more attainable ways of maintaining healthy, nutritional eating patterns. Help is out there, people who were customers once, just like me, that are now helping thousands of people lose weight and become healthier and happier people.

I understand that proper nutrition is the key to a healthier life. Do yourself and your loved ones a huge service and choose a nutritional program you can stick to without destroying your taste buds.

Joanna Milonas
Independent Body by Vi Distributor



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